SMW Sales sells Deutz diesel engines. Air- and Water- Cooled engines available. We stock parts for older 912/913 engines as well as 914 and 2011 engines. We build gensets and pumping units with these engines. Mobile and skid mount options available. 

These are the characteristics of the 914:

  • 4-and 6-cylinder naturally aspirated engines.
  • Displacement: 1.1 l /cylinder.
  • Unit construction system with individual cylinders.
  • Advanced injection and combustion system.
  • Electronic governor (GAC) as option.
  • Worldwide proven: Over 3.0 million engines in service.
  • Only a few service points.
  • Powerful and compact, low weight.

These are the characteristics of the TCD 2011:

  • 2-, 3- and 4-cylinder naturally in-line engines.
  • 4 cylinder model also with turbocharging.
  • Displacement: 0.78 l /cylinder.
  • Integrated oil-cooling (engine is delivered complete with cooler).
  • Acoustically optimized crankcase.
  • All service points on the same engine side.
  • Electronic engine governor (option).
  • Compact design and low weight.
  • Worldwide service network with over 1,000 locations.